Seeding - Nasazení

All WDF Ranked Tournaments shall be seeded in the following way:

a) Seeding for Platinum graded tournaments shall be agreed on a tournament by tournament basis.

b) Gold graded tournaments shall carry 32 seeds.

c) Silver graded tournaments shall carry 16 seeds.

d) Bronze graded tournaments shall carry 8 seeds.

9.02 Seeding shall be taken from the WDF Main Ranking Tables (See section 16).

Where not enough players or not enough WDF ranked players enter a WDF Ranked

Tournament to allow for a full complement of seeds, the number of seeds shall be reduced

to 16, 8, 4, 2 or 0 as required.

9.03 Tournament seedings shall be based on the WDF Main Ranking Table positions on the

penultimate Wednesday before a Sanctioned Event commences.